Archivists One and All

An Introductory Guide to the Living Archive and Your Stack

A how-to guide for the proper usage of Roadside Theater's Living Archive and Your Stack features.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, Roadside Theater’s website has undergone quite the metamorphosis. One of the most exciting parts of this transformation is the addition of two unique features—the Living Archive and Your Stack

The Living Archive provides a space for us to compile, organize, preserve, and display materials from past projects that have defined who we are as entertainers and storytellers. This feature allows us to remain in touch with our past so we never lose sight of our roots, our community, or the amazing individuals who make our work possible. 

With the addition of Your Stack, you can create your own archive of any photos, videos, or documents you find interesting or worth revisiting. Just create an account, log in with your email, and click “Add to Your Stack” below a resource to save it for later. Example below.

An example of an "Add to Your Stack" button.

If you come across any roadblocks along the way, feel free to explore our how-to guide at the top of the main archive page

Happy archiving!