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Roadside ResidencieS

through the years

Our work’s ultimate purpose is to uplift and reimagine our communities, to build communion across divides and showcase the rich array of talent in our region. Roadside Theater is not dissimilar from the communities we serve—a diverse network of talented individuals who have contributed to our organization’s long-term sustainability and success for nearly a half-century. Our continued existence is not possible without them. We are thankful for their creativity, enthusiasm, and thoughtful care towards Roadside;
it is through their efforts that our communities continue to grow and thrive.

  • Big Dave Adams
  • Ken Adams
  • Larry Adams
  • Don Baker
  • Tommy Bledsoe
  • Amy Brooks
  • Jerry Calvert
  • Dudley Cocke
  • Jan Cohen-Cruz
  • Tamara Coffey
  • Lana Combs
  • Anita Craft
  • Kay Craft
  • Dee Davis
  • Angelyn DeBord
  • Scott Faulkner
  • Ben Fink
  • Jeff Hawkins
  • Jeff Hooper
  • Zhivko Illieff
  • Charlie Ingles
  • Michael Keck
  • Rema Keene
  • Mark Kidd
  • Jeff Kiser
  • Bob Leonard
  • Ben Mays
  • Kim Neal Mays
  • Marsha McIntosh
  • Nell Meade
  • Jane Moody
  • Billy Gene Mullins
  • Myrtle Mullins
  • Scott Mullins
  • Donna Porterfield
  • Donna Potter
  • Anna Belle Mullins Puckett
  • Bill Rauch
  • Rosalba Rolón
  • Jake Rosenberg
  • Matt Salter
  • Dorothy Shaw
  • Ron Short
  • Gary Slemp
  • Nancy Jeffrey Smith
  • Frankie Taylor
  • Carol Thompson
  • Edward Wemytewa
  • Michael (Badhair) Williams
  • Dudley Wilson
  • Jack Wright
  • Kathy Wright

If you contributed to Roadside’s work and have not been named here, we apologize for our oversight. Please contact our staff and share with us how you were involved!