• Highlights

    Roadside works with residents of multiple ages and points of view to create and perform a new play, The Future of Letcher County. Subsequent readings of the play, followed by...

  • New Play Creation

    Roadside Theater makes: Original Appalachian Plays; Inter-Cultural Collaborative Plays; and Plays that Incorporate Professional, Folk, and Amateur Artists

  • Community Cultural Development

    Since its founding in 1975, Roadside Theater has maintained a local program. The company’s original Appalachian plays and community cultural development methodology were, and...

  • Collaborate With Us

    In order to pass on its learning to a new generation, Roadside is especially interested in mutually-designed collaborations that will help document and make accessible the theory...

Coming Soon

We're proud to announce Roadside Theater's first-ever new leadership team

Our new leadership will further the work initiated nearly fifty years ago: the creation of community-driven and community-owned theater that bucks the trend of theater as an elite bubble and restores it to its rightful place as an inclusive space where the plurality and beauty of peoples are made manifest.