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Keith DeBlasio was an untiring advocate for prison reform, and in this radio documentary, broadcast nationally, he tells the listener how he became HIV positive while the guards watched.

​In his monumental The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn noted that even during the ​oppressive ​reign of the Tsars local people ​brought small gifts to the prisoners locked up at Christmas. After the Russian revolution, Solzhenitsyn described his nation's system of prison labor camps, the Gulag, thus:​ "[It]​ was, in the psychological sense, fused into a continent—an almost invisible, almost imperceptible country. And this Archipelago crisscrossed and patterned that other country within which it was located, like a gigantic patchwork, cutting into its cities, hovering over its streets. Yet there were many who did not even guess at its presence and many, many others who had heard something vague. And only those who had been there knew the whole truth."

Keith died on November 6. He was 48. Rest in peace, Keith.

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