Performing Our Future is a coalition of community-led organizations representing communities from across the country. We began in 2015 in the coalfields of east Kentucky and have been growing ever since. Though our communities are diverse and far-flung, we continue to find common ground in the ways we work, the challenges we face, and the undervalued assets we are working to develop together.


Arch Community Social Network works to enrich the neighborhoods of West Baltimore by providing an outlet for cultural expression through arts, entertainment, and social dialogue.

Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice works toward a Uniontown, Alabama and Black Belt Region where all people will unite in love for shared liberty and justice for all.

Letcher County Culture Hub is a growing network of community-led organizations in the coalfields of east Kentucky, working to build a culture and economy where we own what we make.

Rural/Urban Flow brings together producers of art, culture, and agriculture to harness, share, and grow community wealth across the rural urban continuum in Milwaukee and Sauk Counties, Wisconsin.

Performing Our Future (POF) emerged out of decades of Roadside Theater community cultural development residencies, working with communities across the country and internationally to tell their own stories and create their own future. Roadside provides ongoing staff and financial support to the POF national coalition. 

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