As a national touring company, Roadside Theater works with arts presenters and presenting networks that focus their programming on the celebration of local culture.

Believing that a Roadside performance, because it is drawn from a specific culture and performed by artists who are a part of that culture, can act as a catalyst for celebrating local life, host communities were encouraged to highlight their own traditions and artists.

The tour partners' goals were: to enable communities to affirm their own cultural resources through the involvement of local artists; to give individual communities the sense of belonging to a statewide network of arts presenters; and to bring high quality professional theater to underserved rural audiences.

Within the framework of presenting Roadside to their communities, North Dakota residents took pride in the talents of their own artists. Based on the excitement about the tour shared by sponsors, audiences, and artists, Roadside was encouraged to contine developing the touring model in other regions and states.

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