"Our A:shiwi (Zuni) People have a long history of sharing. This Zuni-Appalachia collaboration on storytelling and drama continues a venerable tradition. The Zuni Tribal Council and Zuni People are honored to see in print the Journeys Home."
Malcolm B. Bowekaty
Governor, Pueblo of Zuni

"This Zuni-Appalachian collaboration is moving, charming, and above all, surprising. That two cultures seemingly so disparate could work together with such inventiveness and such trust is a wonderful thing."
Larry McMurtry
Pulitzer Prize winning author

"Journeys Home is an extraordinary work of art which builds bridges across this nation while preserving and celebrating the rich heritages on which our country was built. This is simply an excellent play by any measure, one which derives universal humanity from cultural specificity."
David Henry Hwang
Tony Award winning playwright