With leadership from Roadside Theater, the local delegations of the Performing Our Future coalition are creating a future on our own terms by building on the practices that have sustained our resistance to exploitation, deindustrialization, and displacement:

1. Grassroots cultural work is how a community tells its own story and makes meaning together, through its material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual traditions and features.

2. Broad-based community organizing is how a community builds its own power to act together across divides, advances shared interests, and overcomes shared challenges.

3. Community wealth creation is how a community develops its own economy through recognizing its latent assets and turning them into shared value.

Led by laypeople and professionals working in equal partnership and rooted in communities’ centers of power, where all residents of a community can come together to speak and act for themselves, each of these practices strengthens the other two. Cultural work grounds wealth creation in a community’s cultural assets and grounds organizing in a community’s traditions, values, stories, and creativity; wealth creation focuses cultural work and organizing on awakening and working from the community’s assets; and organizing focuses cultural work on building a community’s collective power and keeps the wealth-creation agenda in the community’s hands.

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