For the April 2015 Off-Broadway premiere of our bilingual musical Betsy!, Pregones Theater and Appalshop’s Roadside Theater are seeking a volunteer collaborator to join our creative team. To spark virtual exchange about the play’s themes, we’re looking for a guest editor to help us share web content from November through the April 8-26, 2015 performance of Betsy!

We think this is an exciting opportunity for someone to deepen their understanding of creating intercultural plays and engaging theater audiences on the web. We think it would be a good fit for someone wanting to build their portfolio in writing, communications, and multimedia – perhaps someone for whom this project could serve as action-research. A modest honorarium will be provided. The candidate should have strong writing skills for the web and be tech savvy.

For more about our approach to online engagement, we invite you to watch the video below:

Betsy! is the story of a Puerto Rican jazz singer who stirs up her unknown Scots-Irish ancestry. Expanding the historical narrative about this country, themes in the musical include the large role that indentured servants played in the nation’s development, our complicated DNA, and the permeable cultural borders between nations and between rural and urban life. Betsy demonstrates how thrilling history could be if it included a fuller range of our people’s stories.

For the past 45 years, Roadside Theater (a part of the rural arts and humanities center Appalshop) has been making and touring plays drawn from its Appalachian culture. Similarly, Pregones Theater in the Bronx has been performing original plays rooted in Puerto Rican/Latino cultures since 1979. People in Appalachia and the Bronx share a zeal for creative and highly musical expressions, and a past of economic hardship. 20 years ago, Roadside and Pregones began a cultural exchange to explore the commonalities and differences of their respective communities’ histories and traditions. Both ensembles embrace a performance aesthetic that requires engaging audiences that are diverse and inclusive of a whole community, and their collaboration has produced tangible methodologies for using art and humanities in a public process of re-storying community history.

To learn more about this volunteer position, please email Jamie Haft at [email protected]

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