Voices from the Battlefront is performed as one part of a 4 ½ hour workshop on domestic violence. The entire workshop is conceived as performative. Its order is as follows.

  • Participants gather; informal greetings. (10 minutes)
  • In front of the play’s set, a middle-aged survivor of domestic violence tells her personal story in her own words. She is followed by a young survivor of domestic violence who tells her personal story. (20-25 minutes)
  • Voices from the Battlefront begins. Seated upstage left, separate from the set, are the two women who have just spoken. They witness the play, which is performed by two Roadside Theater actor/singers and four community volunteer readers, who have rehearsed their parts. (45 minutes)
  • Lunch is served on-site. (45 minutes)
  • The workshop participants reassemble and are broken into groups of 10. Roadside Theater and Roadside-trained volunteers conduct story circles with each group. The personal stories that the participants tell about domestic violence are prompted by the earlier performance. The stories are told within a specific Roadside story circle structure that reinforces trust and builds empathy. (1 hour)
  • Break. (15 minutes)
  • Workshop participants reassemble and chosen representatives from each story circle present to the whole group thoughts and reflections generated by their group’s circle, followed by a facilitated discussion about what actions individuals and the community can take to end domestic violence. (1hour)
  • Informal goodbyes. (10 minutes)

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