Dudley Cocke -- Roadside Theater Artistic Director

Rosalba Rolon -- Pregones Theater/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater,  Artistic Director

Ron Short -- Roadside Theater playwright, composer, performer


Beegie Adair -- Internationally acclaimed jazz piano artist 

Desmar Guevara -- Pregones Theater Musical Director, composer, and champion of new music idioms 

Ron Short -- Appalachian composer, performer, and head dude of Ron Short and the Possum Playboys


Caridad de la Luz -- Bronx-born performer, one of America's leading spoken word poets, also known as La Bruja

Elise Santora -- Pregones company member and acclaimed vocalist, actor, dancer, and teaching artist


Desmar Guevara -- band director, piano 

Antonio Guzman -- guitar, cuatro (born and bred in Puerto Rico, free lance guitarist, NYC)

Sylvia Ryerson -- banjo, fiddle (former Appalshop co-director of Traditional Music Project and WMMT-FM media producer)

Others to come --  

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