In 1995-1996 Roadside Theater's director, Dudley Cocke, taught a two semester course, "From Community to Stage: Creating Theater Through a Grassroots, Community-Based Endeavor" at the College of William and Mary. The course description read:"Through creating theater from a grassroots, community-based effort, the students will come to understand a way theater is made. They will learn to distinguish the principles of this theater from other theater, and will understand how these principles and their complementary methodologies uniquely color all aspects of grassroots theater -- its themes, acting styles, design, marketing, performance events, and purposes."

Students worked with the Williamsburg, Virginia community and William and Mary faculty to create and produce "Walk Together Children," written from community members' stories and addressing race relations in Williamsburg during the Civil Rights era.

The Williamsburg Grassroots Theater Project was a collaboration between Williamsburg, Virginia residents; students and faculty of the College of William and Mary; Roadside Theater; Robbie Macauley; and Theresa Holden of Holden Arts and Associates. It was sponsored by the William and Mary College Theater Department, Neighborhood Connections of James City County, the Williamsburg Regional Library, the Community Action Agency, the JCC Historical Commission, the Citizens for Community Progress, and Alternate ROOTS.

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