A major part of Arizona State University’s Public Events’ 1998-1999 season, “Untold Stories Festival: Celebrating Campus and Community” was dedicated to stories which connected communities by helping them see each other and themselves from new perspectives. The undertaking was a joint project of ASU and the American Festival Project, a multicultural alliance of a dozen artists and performing arts companies from across the US, of which Roadside was a founding member.

Through a preparation process that included two years of community cultural development work, American Festival performing arts companies Roadside Theater, Junebug Productions of New Orleans, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange of Washington D.C., and El Teatro de la Esperanza of San Francisco worked with Theresa Holden of The Artist & Community Connection of Austin, TX and ASU and local metro Phoenix community groups to create original performing arts pieces focusing on the theme, “Untold Stories.”

Roadside worked with: ASU’s classified staff (secretaries, grounds keepers, cleaning crews, maintenance engineers) and an ASU Communications class to create a performance script, “Highly Classified,” from the life stories of the staff, which was performed by classified staff in fall 1998; State Police Officers assigned to work at the ASU campus to create a play, "Police Stories," that was performed by Police Officers in April 1998; and the Metropolitan Boys and Girls Club and the Phoenix Theater’s Cookie Company to create a script that was performed energetically by Club members in April 1998. Roadside also performed in collaborations with Idiwanan An Chawe of Zuni New Mexico, Junebug Productions, local artist Zarco Guerrero, and student dancers from the Gila River Reservation.

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