Tamejavi is a celebration of the performance, food, and visual arts traditions of immigrants and refugees living and working in California's Great Central Valley. The event is organized by the immigrant groups themselves.

The word "Tamejavi," coined by the immigrant groups, means "cultural market," and is formed from the languages of three immigrant groups: Ta - from Taj laj Tsav Puam (Hmong); Me - from Mercado (Spanish); and Javi - from nunjavi (Mixteco). 

What has now become a yearlong project with an annual festival sprang from a 2001-2002 collaboration between the Central Valley Partnership for Citizenship, a network of immigrant civic groups; Pan Valley Institute of the American Friends Service Committee, a community organizing group; the Irvine Foundation, California’s largest statewide funder; and Roadside Theater.

Tamejavi is a space where diverse cultures converge to express and share stories, music, food, traditions, and ways of interpreting the world. Through cultural exchange and artistic expression, Central Valley immigrants participating in Tamejavi join voices and create new bonds, forming a solid sense of community, and establishing foundations for active civic engagement.

Visit the Tamejavi website at tamejavi.org

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