The challenges facing the performing arts community have never been greater.  Audiences need honest work that brings a fresh vision to the crucial issues of our communities, and that humanizes the problems we face in our individual lives, regardless of the economic condition of our audience. Artists and those who support their work should hold themselves to nothing less than this standard: does this work help our audience achieve the strength and knowledge they need at this time and in this place?    Michael & Theresa Holden, 2018

From the late 1980's to the beginning of the 21st Century, Holden and Arts Associates partnered with Roadside Theater to create in-depth, long-term community cultural development residencies and performances across the U.S.  Holden & Arts Associates is a booking and management company serving performing artists and performing arts presenters across North America. Founded in 1983 by Michael and Theresa Holden, their artistic partners are both national and international companies and are leaders in their genres. Their North American presenting partners are among the leaders and risk takers in their communities; from large cities to small towns, they value high quality performances and professionalism in all the artistic work they present on their stages. 

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