The Curriculum Project Report, "Culture and Community Development in Higher Education," attempts to capture a phenomenon in formation: the integration of community cultural development studies into higher education in the United States. There is nothing new about artists and organizers using collaborative, participatory, community-grounded approaches to building community and culture; some who have studied this work see centuries of antecedents, and more recent manifestations have been documented for many decades. But the creation of formal academic programs for community artists is a recent development in the U.S. 

The Report was written by Arlene Goldbard and sponsored and published in 2008 by Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, Goldbard worked with a Core Team comprised of Ludovic Blain III (advisor), Dudley Cocke (lead investigator), Jan Cohen-Cruz (lead investigator), Jamie Haft (advisor and administrator), and Sonia BasSheva Manjon (advisor). 

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