Theresa Holden directs Artist & Community Connection (ACC), a not-for-profit consultancy service organization. She provides a variety of services for clients from across the US including: university and community presenters; performing arts companies; artists; youth, housing, immigrant, and health organizations; public schools; and university academic departments, among others. 

For the past eighteen years Theresa has offered assistance to organizations as they develop and strengthen their programs and staff and has aimed to create a connection and exchange between artists and the communities they visit. 

ACC's organizing and producing work seeks to equalize all partners' voices in the development and presentation of the project's work. The goals of projects are as diverse as the organizations and communities served. 

Theresa has facilitated board and staff retreats, student orientations, faculty meetings, planned and produced festivals and community events, facilitated organizational multi-year planning processes, organized and supervised organizational evaluations, directed organizational self-studies and ethnographies, helped build coalitions in communities, and facilitated communities seeking and collecting their own stories.

​​Theresa customizes the services for each project and, when called for, brings her colleagues into the project. These long time collaborators are artists, educators and organizers who offer years of experience, wisdom, talent and diverse working methods. Each project has its own particular needs and ACC creates the right team to undertake the work.

In every project Theresa seeks to open communication, deepen and broaden dialogue, and aim for equality in planning and executing the projects. In order to do so, ACC acknowledges that each of us will be challenged to meet the goal of equity, respect, and mutual sharing of time and resources. From this platform, and through deep listening and dialogue, projects succeed.

​Past Projects

Following is a list of some of the organizations and academic institutions for which ACC has provided various services, including meeting facilitation, story circle facilitation, orientations, coalition building, project planning, artist workshops, organizational development, and faculty and staff retreats. 

Association of Performing Arts Presenters, DC

NYU, Research Center for Leadership in Action

University of Akron, Theater Department

Project Home, Philadelphia, PA

Arizona State University, Theater Department

Tohono O'odham Community Action, Sells, AZ

University of Maryland

Regional Aides Interfaith Network, Charlotte, NC

Cornell University

Ford Foundation, Leadership for a Changing World

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