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On February 12, 2015 Roadside Theater and Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater presented a conversation about BETSY! The Appalachian-Puerto Rican Musical, which was livestreamed on the global, commons-based HowlRound TV network at  To stay current with new developments around BETSY!, join our Facebook page. On Twitter, you can use #LetsTalkBetsy and follow the two companies -  @RoadsideTheater & @pregonesprtt.

Livestreaming from the Bronx, New York—the artists of Roadside Theater and Pregones/PRTT talked about the creation and newest incarnation of their intercultural musical BETSY!, premiering Off-Broadway this April.

Hosted by Dr. Arnaldo J. López, the conversation revolved around the collaborative genesis of the story of Betsy, a Bronx jazz singer of Puerto Rican and Irish heritage. Some of the event's participants were co-directors Dudley Cocke and Rosalba Rolón, composers Ron Short and Desmar Guevara, cast members Elise Santora and Caridad De la Luz a.k.a. La Bruja, and Sylvia Ryerson on banjo and Antonio Guzman on cuatro.

Introductory comments were given by project guest scholar, noted folklorist and anthropologist Dr. Maribel Álvarez, and closing comments by Jamie Haft of Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life.

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