Roadside's plays fall into three categories: Ensemble - created by and for the company; Co-production - created collaboratively with other professional ensembles and individual artists; Mentoring - in which Roadside artists serve as mentor to a new production, usually as part of residencies or teaching playwriting

NOTE: (NT 19XX-20XX) indicates when the production toured nationally;
(IT 19XX-20XX) indicates when the production toured internationally;
(LE 20XX) indicates when the production ran as a limited engagement.

    Grandfather's Greatest Hits (NT 1974-1976)
    Red Fox/Second Hangin' (NT 1976-1989)
    Wicked John (NT 1977)
    Jack Tales (NT 1978-1980)
    Brother Jack (NT 1979-1986)
    Mountain Tales & Music (NT 1980-2008) (IT 1993)
    Oliver (LE 1980)
    Pretty Polly (NT 1986-1996) (IT 1989)
    South of the Mountain (NT 1982-1993) (IT 1989)
    Leaving Egypt (NT 1987-1997) (IT 1989)
    Open Windows (NT 1987-1988)
    Apples in the Fall (LE 1987)
    Appalachian Stories & Songs (NT 1990-1991)
    Belfast to Benham (LE 1993)
    Dublin to Dayton (NT 1993-1994)
    Borderline (NT 1993-1997)
    Christmas in Appalachia (LE 1993-present)
    Cumberland Mountain Memories (NT 1994-1998)
    New Ground Revival (NT 1998-2000)
    Singing on the Mountain (NT 1998-2001)
    Voices from the Battlefront (NT 2000-2006)
    Music from Home (NT 2000-present)
    Thousand Kites (NT 2006-present)

    Gifts of the Spirit (LE 1986)
    Gospel of Mary (LE 1988)
    Junebug/Jack (NT 1991-1999) (IT 1994)
    Good Morning, Whitesburg--Good Morning, Brno (LE 1993)
    RoadBug (NT 1995-1999) (IT 1994)
    Cross Pollination (LE 1995)
    Breaking the Chains (LE 1995)
    Corn Mountain/Pine Mountain (NT 1996-2002)
    Xchange Cabaret (LE 1996)
    Little X (NT 1998)
    Promise of a Love Song (NT 1999-2002)
    Musica y Fabulas/Music and Tales (NT 2000-2002)
    Why the Cowboy Sings (LE 2002)
    Zuni Meets Appalachia (LE 2003)
    Betsy (premiered 2006 and 2008)

    Oysters, Pirates, and Ponies (LE 1985)
    In Our Time (LE 1989-1992)
    Circle of Life (LE 1992)
    While the Spirit Moves (LE 1994)
    Wicked Good (LE 1995)
    Walk Together Children (LE 1996)
    Highly Classified: Narratives from ASU's Classified Staff (LE 1998)
    Roadside Theater & Friends: Four Cultures (LE 1998)
    Behind the Barrier (LE 1999)
    Beans (LE 1999)
    Weaving the Thread of Community (LE 2000)
    Varying the Pattern (LE 2000)
    A Winter's Feast (LE 2001)
    Inside the Memory Box (LE 2001)
    A Completely Different World (LE 2001)
    Circle Tellings (LE 2002)
    Stranger at the Table (LE 2002)
    College Journal (LE 2002)
    Chorus for Change (LE 2013)
    Stronger than Blood (LE 2013

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