"Beyond Cliché: Dramatizing Our American Identity"

March 22-28 Blog Series on www.HowlRound.com

HowlRound is publishing new writing and multimedia about the twenty-one-year artistic collaboration between Pregones Theater and Roadside Theater. The collaboration bridges two vast geographies and cultures, Puerto Rican and Appalachian, and two distinct aesthetics. Curated by Imagining America’s Jamie Haft and Dr. Arnaldo López of Pregones Theater/PRTT, the series explores the creation of BETSY!, a musical about a Bronx singer and performer uncovering the secrets of her family’s history. The musical premieres off-Broadway, April 9-26, 2015 (purchase tickets by clicking here).

This series is part of a strategy for Roadside Theater and Pregones Theater/PRTT to develop new scholarship and multimedia about the vision, values, practice, and complexities of intercultural artistic collaboration, which will eventually be digested into a learning guide for teaching BETSY!.

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